Celebrating and supporting Australian charities in the UK

A number of charities in the UK make an enormous contribution to the support of young Australians studying in the UK, to the promotion of educational and cultural exchanges between the UK and Australia, and to furthering the work of iconic Australian charities.  The Australian Charity Art Auction, at an event held in London on 28 February 2017, offered artworks by Australian artists or which feature Australian subjects and themes to benefit these charities.  The artworks had been donated from private collections, principally in the UK.

The artworks were offered for online silent auction bidding throughout the two week period leading up to the event and a small number of special works were sold at the event by live auction, conducted by a Christie’s auctioneer. There was an exhibition of all artworks for the two days leading up to the event.

The auctions, and other donations related to the event, raised a total of £46,000, with a net £38,000 likely to be available to the nominated charities after all costs.

The ACAA acknowledges and thanks the following for their valuable support:

The Australian High Commission  .  Christie’s  .  The Offices of the Agents-General for Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia  .  Australian Business  .  The Britain-Australia Society  .  The Cook Society  .  The Australia Day Foundation  .  Australian Women’s Club London  .  All those who have generously donated artworks for sale